About Your Host

I want to welcome you with open arms to my coupon blog. I am so pleased that you were able to stumble upon my coupon blog. Let’s start off our new found friendship with me providing you with some facts about me.

My name is Natasa Cabrol. I love to cook, take pictures and write. I am a stay at home mom and wife. You will find me often posting about my husband Bill and our five kids who range in age from 3 months to 16 years. I am 38 years old and I went to the U-Mass Amherst where I graduated with a degree in business management. I currently live in Jersey City, and I was born in New Jersey.

I decided to take the initiative to start this blog due to my mom. My mother loves a good bargain and as a kid, she would teach me how to be thrifty. She said that saving money was a way that stay at home moms like her could contribute to their households even more. She did whatever she could to save our family money so that she could stretch the paycheck that my dad made every month. I am the youngest of 7 kids so her efforts kept us fed and clothed for years and I will always appreciate her influence on me. I love couponing because it helps me feel more useful and allows me to be strategic with my spending and purchases.

My coupon blog has coupon codes mainly for online merchants. I also have promotions and deals that you might want to take advantage of. I have found that this helps you to develop your own couponing style. I love getting to know my readers so please take some time to send me an email (NatasaCabrol@yahoo.com) as I love getting to know all of you.